How To Solve In-article Ads Not Displaying.


Many are suffering this problem of ads in first page of their blog but no ads in between the texts of their articles. This is why we decided to address this isue once and for all.

Are you looking for solution of why adsense ads not displaying between the texs of your articles and you have suffered this without solution? If yes then you have come to the end of your suffering. 

When I got adsense on this blog, every thing was moving well because it was hosted with name cheap. Few days later, I decided to move my blog to blogger as that is the only platform I love because of it's free nature.

 On migrating to blogger, ads stoped showing. I tried all trouble shooting, placed auto ads code and ad units every where but for no avail. I changed several templates as that was the suggestion from all platforms I seeked solution. After all these, there was still  no ads. 

The most painful part is that in the whole internet, no one could tell me what to do including adsense it self plus my domain hoster.

How To Solve Ads not displaying in Articles. 

To solve this problem, you need not to brainstorm. This problem usually happen when you migrate your blog. Though  other technical isues could lead to this also. 

All you need to do when you have ads on main page but no ads when you open any of your pages or articles is to: 

1. Change the theme 

2. Remove any old ad code or  anti adblocker code on the head and body tag of your HTML 

3. Login to your adsense and copy Auto code 

4. Place it at the head of your theme html 

5. Go back to your adsense dashboard again and create in-article adunit 

6. Copy the code and go back to your  site articles 

7. Open your articles and change to html mode.  paste the codes any where you want the ad to be showing. Remember to save after pasting. You can use the code in all your old and new articles. 

If you are not seeing ads instantly, don't worry. Leave it for some hours and even up to 48 hours. Adsense will detect those codes and start displaying ads. 

Don't panic, your ads will start showing after some hours. 

You might light this video of How to solve "auto ads might not work well with the current theme" in blogger 

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