Seattle's new job for the former Cowboys quarterback


Steven Montez, a fellow NFL journeyman, and DiNucci will face off for the starting position for the Seattle Sea Dragons. Doug Whaley, executive vice president of player personnel for the XFL, provided confirmation to The Seattle Times.

The offensive coordinator June Jones, who is known for his high-octane schemes, will provide the Sea Dragons' starting quarterback, whoever he or she is, the chance to put up big numbers.

In a release, Seattle head coach Jim Haslett said, "I've been open about our desire to pass the ball and these guys bring big arms to the table." "Ben is a playmaker with NFL experience who is athletic. Steven is nimble and adept at throwing from any location on the field. Both of these athletes are equipped with the skills necessary to flourish in a June Jones offense.

DiNucci confident as she enters a new opportunity

DiNucci had a successful college career between James Madison and Pittsburgh, throwing for 6,823 yards and 51 touchdowns. When Dak Prescott was injured in 2020, DiNucci, who had been chosen in the seventh round, started a game and quickly became a fan favorite in Dallas. In a defeat to the Eagles, he threw the ball a staggering 40 times, accumulating 180 yards while throwing no touchdowns and no interceptions.

DiNucci was part of the last round of preseason cuts, and the Cowboys decided to go with Cooper Rush as Prescott's primary back-up.

Along with Deondre Francois, AJ McCarron, and Kyle Sloter, DiNucci was among a few other somewhat well-known players who were headed to the XFL.

DiNucci has full confidence in his passing abilities going into the new opportunity, and Seattle is pleased with what they are getting in him.

DiNucci told the Seattle Times, "I've got a great arm, and I'm accurate." In the modern NFL, the quarterback position is evolving. Men must be able to extend and make plays because pocket passes are no longer effective. I take a certain amount of pride in placing the ball where it belongs. I have confidence in my ability to complete every throw on the field, and when I need to extend plays, I use my athleticism to exit the pocket. I'll bring that information to the table, and hopefully it will result in a quality product.

DiNucci is still hoping for a chance in the NFL. Further Out

In October, DiNucci took part in a practice session with the Cleveland Browns, but nothing came of it. DiNucci is optimistic that after he is able to put more play on tape, even though it hasn't worked out for him in the NFL thus far, a chance will present itself.

"I'm 25 and still playing ball for a living, so I can't really — have no reason to stress, no reason to harp on the past," he told the Dallas Morning News. I'm going to keep trying to put my best foot forward and hopefully return to the NFL when this thing is over and done in a few months because I'm a firm believer in just controlling what you can control.

The Cowboys, who might be looking for a new backup after the season due to Rush's strong performance in five games as the starter, may be the team where it happens. Rush won four games while Prescott was out, though the Dallas defense and run game were a major factor.

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