The five victims of the shooting at the LGBT nightclub in Colorado are listed below.

A shooting spree at the LGBT nightclub Club Q over the weekend resulted in five fatalities and numerous injuries. Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, the suspect, was apprehended on the spot and detained on suspicion of murder and hate crime.

At a news conference on Monday afternoon, Colorado Springs Police Chief Adrian Vasquez named each of the five victims.

We know the following about them.

A 28-year-old transgender man named Daniel Aston Aston worked as a bartender at Club Q. His mother, Sabrina Aston, confirmed his passing to the Associated Press.

"We're shocked. We shed some tears for a little while, but after that you go through this stage where you are just kind of numb, and I'm sure it will strike us again," his mother added.

She continued, "I keep believing it's a mistake, they made a mistake, and that he is actually alive.

At the gay-friendly bar, Aston made new customers feel welcome.

Bisexual Shelby Stamm, age 21, admitted that she was apprehensive when she first visited Club Q. She said Aston noticed and came over to make her feel comfortable.

It appears that this is your first time, says. Stamm recalled something Aston said to her. "Shall we get you a drink?"

Drag artist Del Lusional paid tribute to Aston on Twitter the day after the shooting while performing at Club Q.

"If I wanted a cigarette from Daniel, I had to flatter him with cliched questions like, "Did you do anything to your mustache? " and "Your mullet looks very nice today. The performer tweeted, "It looks very full. I'll miss entering the bar and exclaiming, "WHO LET YOU IN HERE?????," And I'll miss getting his middle finger in my face in greeting. Much, much, much.

With your friends, enjoy the silly times, the performer advised.

Darren Rump

Rump served drinks at Club Q. While declining an interview, his mother told The Times that he had passed away.

Rump was a "beautiful, wonderful, amazing person" who never failed to make people smile with a bit of friendly "shade," according to DJ Keoni Moore, 20, who used to work at the club.

Moore remarked that Derrick "was very much the comedian."

Rump was also mentioned in a post by the drag artist Del Lusional.

Right before all of this, Derrick was bringing me a drink when I began singing Hero by Enrique Iglesias to him since he was feeling down and it made him laugh. And that was my final conversation with him," the performer wrote on Twitter.

A buddy confirmed Kelly Loving Loving, 40, was shot and died while visiting Club Q from Denver.

A few minutes prior to the shooting, Loving and Natalee Skye, 25, were chatting over FaceTime.

Skye recalled in an interview, "I told her, 'I love you, be safe,' and she repeated it back to me, and I never heard from Kelly again.

She attempted to contact Loving again later that evening and the following morning, but received no response.

Skye learned of Loving's passing from Loving's roommate, who she had known since the two of them were residents of Florida.

Days before, on November 16, they and other friends had gotten together to celebrate Loving's 40th birthday. Skye and Loving were going to attend Thanksgiving together.

"We get together as the homosexual community to create our families. To me, Kelly was a mother figure. I didn't know what she had planned for Thanksgiving, so I threw open the door and invited her over. She was going to move in with me today," Skye said.

This week for Thanksgiving, she won't be at my dinner table, Skye said.

Skye revealed to The Times that she had made it out of the Orlando, Florida, nightclub shooting at Pulse alive.

NBC News received confirmation from Ashley Paugh Paugh's sister that she died in the shooting while attending Club Q on Saturday night.

According to Stephanie Clark, Paugh's sister, the 35-year-old was the mother of an 11-year-old girl.

The death was also confirmed by her sister-in-law in a Facebook post.

"It is with a heavy heart that I say that my sister-in-law, Ashley Green Paugh, was tragically murdered late Saturday night in a senseless act of hate," wrote Kimberly Paugh. "My wish is that he [the shooter] could hear the cries of my niece, who is crying for her mother, as her crying father repeatedly tells her that her mother is dead."

Green Vance, Raymond

On Saturday, Green Vance attended a birthday party at the club with his girlfriend Kassy Fierro and her family. His mother told the Colorado Springs Gazette that Green Vance had passed away.

According to a Facebook post from Atrevida Beer Co., which is owned by the family of Green Vance's girlfriend, the shooter shot Green Vance to death as soon as he entered the club.

According to the post, "with an incredibly heavy and broken heart we lost Raymond, who had been a part of our lives since our daughter was in high school."

In an Instagram post about Green Vance's passing, Kassy Fierro claimed that she would "never be able to heal from this."

In her letter, she stated, "U gave me the best five years and four months." I will never forget you, my sweet love.

According to the post by the beer company, Rich Fierro, one of the brewery's owners, "injured both his hands, knees, and ankle as he apprehended the shooter."

The brewery's website states that Fierro is a veteran of the Army.

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