Dangers Ahead For Humanity Says Pope Francis


Concerns relating to the pope ominous warning for the future of humanity

Pope Francis has warned humanity that dire times lie ahead in a chilling message.

The Pope, 85, shared his vision of a world that has "destruction and desolation" during mass on Sunday (11 December) in the Vatican. He cited the UK's cost of living crisis, Russia's conflict with Ukraine, and famine as just a few examples.

The holy mass was held to commemorate the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which was yesterday (12 December).

The day, which is a Mexican national holiday, commemorates the 1531 appearance of the Virgin Mary in Mexico City to a young man by the name of Saint Juan Diego.

The Pope began by stating that the celebration of Guadalupe is taking place during a "difficult" and "bitter" moment.

He described the present as "a dreadful time, full with the rumbling of war, rising injustice, famine, poverty, and pain."

The Pope continued, "And although this horizon seems dismal and unsettling, with omens of even greater destruction and ruin, his divine love and his coming down to us remind us that this too is a propitious season of deliverance." He was speaking about Christmas and God.

A member of the congregation was also asked by the religious leader to stand up for those who are typically ignored by "consumerist and apathetic society."

The Virgin Mary invites people to set aside whatever "prejudices and fears" that they may be harboring and to put their faith in the Lord, the Pope stated in another place to mark the event.

As followers of Christ, he continued, "it is our duty to be persuasive exponents of the love of Jesus Christ and determined leaders in the creation of a new civilization."

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