Use the Manual of Gainful Exercise to perform workouts akin to D&D characters.


Readers can exercise with a supplement designed after Dungeons & Dragons subclasses.

A digital manual for exercise that draws inspiration from the numerous D&D subclasses is called The Manual of Gainful Exercise. The guide adapts concepts from the well-liked tabletop roleplaying game into a number of workout routines for players and game masters who want to work up a sweat. It can be used in a commercial gym or with a variety of exercise equipment, including kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, pull-up bars, and rowing machines. Even though there are equipment requirements, the manual offers suggestions for alternatives for readers who don't have access to a gym or who don't own exercise equipment.

Depending on the type of workout they provide—power-lifting-style routines, cardio-intense workouts, or exercises that increase flexibility and promote relaxation—the exercises themselves are divided into three categories. If readers are still unable to make a decision, they can use a d119, if one is available, and complete the exercise that corresponds to the number they rolled. Players can choose the corresponding number within a table listing each workout after downloading the PDF to quickly jump to the one they want.

Bards for the college of valour will be practicing their handstand skills, while barbarians who choose the path of the berserker can expect to pump iron with timed push-presses. The cleric's domain of death lives up to its name by requiring burpee rounds from the reader, while the druid's circle of the land requires challengers to run treadmill laps. With one being the easiest and 20 being the most difficult, the challenge rating for each subclass exercise is intended to convey the level of difficulty of each exercise. If readers notice themselves getting lightheaded or are extremely uncomfortable, they are advised to reduce the intensity of their workout.

The Manual of Gainful Exercise is not intended to cause readers to become exhausted or overexercised, or to suddenly transform into someone with a six-pack. As a fun way to feel better, release dopamine, manage stress, and/or accomplish attainable and realistic goals, readers are encouraged to use the fantasy RPG-inspired guide instead. The manual offers tips for beginning exercisers and modifications to accommodate a range of readers.

The author of The Manual of Gainful Exercise is Steve Huynh, an Olympic weightlifter and fitness enthusiast who also co-hosts The Asians Represent Podcast, a podcast with a roleplaying game theme that has won two Ennie awards, the highest honor in the TTRPG industry.

The Manual of Gainful Exercise is available for purchase for $3.66 (£3) on the Dungeon Masters Guild website. Readers who require financial assistance can use coupons that provide discounts of up to 100% off the PDF's asking price.

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