Vic Tube Review: Should i Download Vic Tube? Does The App Pays?

 Victube is one of the deceptive apps in play store. They promise to pay you for certain actions you take in the app, usually by watching ads. 

The most deceptive and fraudulent part of Vic tube is that they ask you to pay certain amount of money in order for you to be paid after accomplishing all the tasks (watching endless ads). 

When I first learnt about this fake app, I thought I have seen a money making app, I never knew my money will be taken even after spending days accomplishing a given task. 

Is Victube Fake? 

Yes, it is fake, do not play the game. They will even take your money by asking you to pay about 2 dolars before you will be paid. Don't fall for this fraud, Vic Tube is fake. Avoid them.

After winning 500 dollars, they will ask you to watch another  minimum of 60 ads.  Spending all your day watching those ads, they will then ask you to pay some money in form of transfer fees. After paying them that money, that is the end. The status of your payment will then change to "In review" as shown in the screen shot above. This is  is where the status will be. You will never be paid so don't start atall. 

I am a victim of victube fraud friend, avoid them!

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