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Applying for and repaying a mobile loan in Nigeria: the Okash Loan


Since Okash Loan's debut in 2018, you surely have heard a lot about it. Probably also interested in the mobile app's operation. Please join us!

We'll be discussing the mobile app, its interest rate, specifications, and how to apply for/repay fast loans here at techbuild.africa.

Nigerian Okash loan

For rapid loans without collateral or documentation, Okash Loan is now ranked as one of the finest loan applications in Nigeria.

It is a practical smartphone software that enables users to get fast cash loans.

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Okash is a microlending service offered by Opay, a fintech division of Opera Group, the company that created the Opera mini web browser.

The Okash mobile app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store, provides loans to individuals, wage earners, and business owners.

Conditions for an Okash Loan

You must fulfill the stipulated prerequisites before using the Okash app to apply for a loan.

You won't be able to get the cash loans you want if you don't perform the aforementioned.

The prerequisites include:

valid bank information ( account number, account name)

Identification that is accepted ID photo BVN number

You must be between 20 and 55 years old.

Weekly Income

Finished Okash application

Application for an Okash Loan

the Google Play Store to get the Okash Loan app

Create a profile to sign up.

Go to your Okash account and log in.

Look over your stated loan limit and choose the amount.

Click "apply" after selecting the loan's term.

Once your application has been reviewed, wait a few minutes to receive a notification.

When your application has been approved, money will be deposited into your Opay wallet, which you can use to withdraw to your bank account.

The loan limit will rise if you continuously pay your obligations.

Ways to Pay Off Okash Loans

Launch the Okash app on your smartphone.

Afterward, sign in to your account.

a, and a number of the , of the a 'a

Include the necessary information.

Check the details attached and the accuracy twice

Select the "repay" button after that.

You will be informed once the transaction is accomplished and the loan has been paid off.

It should be noted that Okash makes use of the auto-debit mechanism, which immediately deducts your loan balance on the due date.

Interest Rate on loans in Okash

In Nigeria, the Okash interest rate ranges from 0.1% to 1% every day, with an annual percentage rate of 36.5% and an origination charge that varies from N1,229 to N6,000.

Using an Okash loan has advantages

Okash is incredibly user-friendly, quick, safe, and reliable.

wonderful client service

There are no hidden fees or collateral requirements.

A loan of up to N50,000 may be obtained.

No hold-up in payments. Within five minutes, loans are issued.


You got it, then! Everything you need to know to apply for a quick loan when you're low on money. Please make an effort to only borrow money you can afford to return to avoid fees and being reported to the National Credit Bureau (NCB).

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