For your necessities, get a quick loan from Stanbic IBTC Bank in Nigeria.


You can obtain the following quick loans from Stanbic Bank at cheap interest rates:

Unsecured Personal Loan for School Fees

a an an a a an a an an an an an an an a...... No collateral is required for this unsecured personal loan.

What you obtain

increased loan terms (that is 12 months tenor to be rolled over yearly for five years).

No security is required for an unsecured loan.

swift and easy process

meets the needs of students at all levels of schooling.

The mortgage

The Stanbic IBTC Home Loan is a flexible home financing option available to salaried people and business owners. It has monthly, quarterly, biannual, and annual repayment options.

what you obtain

Buy a completed house unit.

Get an apartment off the plan from any of the developers that the bank has approved.

raising equity for existing real estate

You can buy a number of properties.

Maximum repayment term of 20 years.

Repayment options including monthly, quarterly, biennial, and annual

options for combined mortgages with a partner, child, parent, or sibling

Salary Growth

By obtaining a salary advance, you can use our revolving loan to assist you get through difficult times. What is a "revolving loan"? With a revolving loan, you only need to repay 15% of the principal to be able to borrow money whenever you need it without having to reapply for credit.

What the price is

Your paycheck must be put into one of our accounts.

The lowest loan amount is N20,000, and you must make at least N40,000 each month.

You must have worked there for at least six months.

At least 21 years of age is required (but not older than 60 years when the facility would end).

You must be hired by a reputable company as a contract worker and obligated to uphold the legal terms of your contract.

What you obtain

minimum loan amount of N20,000

You can choose to use the money that has been repaid by turning your loan around.

The amount of your revolving income loan could be extended after

What to look for

You can apply for a salary advance by:, 01 422 2222, or the Stanbic IBTC location that is most convenient for you.

Finance for Assets and Vehicles

We have your perfect automobile covered! It is simple and quick to apply for a car loan. For our salaried and non-salaried customers to buy mobile and immovable assets, such as vehicles and power generators, we have a medium-term Vehicle and Asset Finance (VAF) facility.

What to look for

a completed application form

Proof of income or payment in the form of a proforma invoice for the vehicle or asset you've chosen (preferably from a Stanbic IBTC partner dealer)

Clients on salaries who stay in their native country for 60 months are required to contribute a minimum of 10% of the asset's cost from the beginning.

Initial contribution of at least 40% of the asset's cost for a period of 48 months (for Bankers only)

When you exit financing for used cars, they can only be 10 years old at most (i.e., the facility must be entirely paid off by the 10th anniversary of the date of manufacture). restricted to the following brands with a N20m cap: Toyota, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Ford, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Dodge, Infiniti Jeep, Lexus, and Acura. Subject to a maximum mileage of 70,000 kilometers and an engine and gearbox warranty of at least three to six months. need at least a 20% commitment An 8-year warranty is offered by some brands.

A new product is the Personal Assets Acquisition Scheme. Only for clients who have approved Employers and salary domiciles.

Offers comprise:

automobiles, both new and used, with a loan maximum of N15 million and a 48-month period.

The maximum loan amount is N5M, and the timeframe is 18 months, according to Solar and Inverter Solutions.

A maximum loan of N7 million with a 36-month term is available.

Other essential qualities include

co-financing in general

Management fee insurance is offered for the entire loan duration.

asset insurance coverage. In the event that the financed assets are damaged or lost,

Only death, permanent disability, and job loss are covered by life insurance.

Clever loan

Smart Loan will give you up to N20 million if you invest in mutual funds through Stanbic IBTC Asset Management, a division of Stanbic IBTC Holdings. The Stanbic IBTC Mobile App can be used to access the loan without any papers being required.

loans with security

To meet living expenditures like medical bills, house rent, car maintenance, school charges, and wedding costs, get a personal short-term loan with a predetermined monthly repayment amount and repay it whenever it's convenient for you.

No-Bond Credit

Our unsecured personal loan gives you access to money whenever you need it to meet personal needs like paying rent, paying for house equipment, paying for school, and maintaining your car.

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