How to apply for factory worker in Canada 🇨🇦

How to apply in Canada for a factory job

Do you have the skills and knowledge necessary to work in a foreign factory? If so, you might wish to consider submitting an application to Canada. There are many advantages to working in Canada, and it is well known that the country is luring thousands of people to live and work there. The administration claims that this move will only help to further improve the local economy and help both employers and employees.

Canada has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. Even if immigration numbers are still very high, there are still plenty of jobs available in the nation. Numerous factories are continually looking to hire new employees. Canada is essentially a place where factory employees who want a better life can go.

The OFW shares her personal experiences in the video below, which serves as the basis for the facts stated here. Only use this post as a source of inspiration. By putting a remark on one of their videos on their accounts, you can ask the OFW specific questions.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Applying as a Factory Worker in Canada

This page explains how to apply in Canada in general. It is based on a YouTube video that an OFW who owns the YouTube channel Daddy Lou Vlogs made. He talks about how to apply for jobs as an industrial worker in Canada and names a particular recruitment agency that doesn't charge a placement fee. A link to the whole video is provided below:

Employment of Factory Workers in Canada

Before we discuss the application procedure, let's go over a few benefits of working in a Canadian manufacturing. One can think of a manufacturing worker's job as routine but demanding remarkable skill. In reality, Canada pays more than the Philippines for normal work. There are further benefits as well.

It is preferable for an average worker to work in Canada since you have a higher chance of saving money and enjoying a better life overall there.

So what is the typical manufacturing worker's salary in Canada? That depends on a lot of factors, including where in Canada you live and how long you've been working. Between 11.95 to 15.70 Canadian dollars are the minimum hourly pay.

The average manufacturing worker in Canada can earn more than 1,000 CAD per hour, despite the fact that this is only gross revenue. Your potential net income is around 800 CAD, or roughly 25,000–30,000 pesos.

It's incredible that this is a weekly wage! Imagine receiving a salary in the Philippines of this magnitude each week. However, because living expenses are so much higher in Canada, you run the risk of merely comparing the lifestyles of the Philippines and Canada on a ratio basis if you don't manage your finances wisely.

As you can see, working in manufacturing in Canada is a very lucky occupation. The summary of the first steps required to fulfill that dream is given in the following paragraphs, which should compel you to read on for more information.

There are several alternatives for factory jobs in Canada. Which occupations are considered to be part of the manufacturing worker category? Here are a few illustrations:

Machine operator On an assembly line, general assembly assistance

Worker in the food industry... and more!

Preliminary research

Before applying for industrial worker jobs in Canada, it would be a good idea to conduct your own online research. You might start by going to the appropriate websites for Job Bank and Indeed ( and and searching for open positions.

The first step is to use the internet to identify a job opening that matches your skills and experience; the next is to determine whether the firm hires foreign workers.

Usually, that information can be found in the description or prerequisites sections. In some cases, employers will only consider candidates who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or who have valid work permits.

That means that some jobs are only open to Canadian citizens, residents, or foreigners who are currently in the nation on temporary work visas.

How to Submit an Application for a Factory Job in Canada ( 5 Steps)

Daddy Lou provided the following steps for individuals who are finding it difficult to understand the process of applying for a job in Canada through an agency.

The process used by the majority of organizations to receive applications and guide applicants through the application process is outlined in these five sections.

Before moving on to these steps, you must first become familiar with your prospect agencies. First, you might want to find out if the agency has a partner. For instance, some groups are affiliated with the TESDA or other governmental bodies.

If they are genuine, the agency's ties to these governments are acknowledged by the Canadian government. Your prospects of finding employment in Canada are actually increased if your agency has these contacts.

There are the following steps in the New Normal Application Process.

Initially, register online.

Visit the IPAMS website, paying particular attention to the Jobs page. You can access the URL here. IPAMS stands for Industrial Personnel and Management Services, Inc.

If you're using one of those devices instead, you can actually download an IPAMS program and process your application from a device, such as a tablet or a smart phone. The app is available for download on iOS and Android devices because it can be found on the Apple Store or Google Play.

You might have forgotten your password if you have already registered with this website but are having problems logging in. If that happens, you can use your own email by choosing the option to forget your password. This is how most other websites operate and it is typical practice.

In step 2, make sure you have a PEOS ID.

Another reason why you can't log in is that you don't have a PEOS. The PEOS, or Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar, is necessary.

In case you haven't already, you can take the PEOS online. You can get useful information before working overseas for free from it. For instance, the PEOS is a government initiative whose main goal is to shield Filipino workers abroad from being exploited by shady recruiters.

You can register for the free pre-employment orientation seminar on the PEOS POEA website.

3. The organization assesses the application.

After receiving your application, the organization will examine it and determine whether you are qualified to apply for positions in Canada.

If you are eligible, you will receive a text message notification and further instructions.

On the other side, if you are not qualified, your application will be kept on file in the database of the organization for a period of six months in case it fulfills the requirements of another client. Therefore, if you are rejected on your first try, don't give up.

During those six months, if the agency finds a match for a company wishing to hire you, they will let you know.

Make sure to periodically update your resume in your account on the agency's website, according to one very important piece of advise. This is especially true if you discovered a new job while searching for your ideal job in Canada. That ought to be on your resume.

Any new or updated important information, such as your address, phone number, or email address, must be updated in your account.

As an aside, this is the reason you should, if at all possible, submit applications to numerous organizations at once. You will make every effort to let as many doors of opportunity to open as you can if you are sincerely committed to moving to Canada—or any other country, for that matter.

4. Getting word from hiring managers.

Recruiters will email qualified individuals to schedule a video call for a preliminary interview.

Your selection for the final interview will be communicated to you via text or email after this preliminary screening.

If the contrary occurs, they will inform you if you weren't chosen for the final interview.

5. The job offer and the final interview.

However, the final interview will be conducted by video call. Of course, this is the result of the current pandemic.

You will be given a job offer if you perform well in the interview. So this will be the most joyful period for you.

Before submitting an application, it is essential to read all of the regulations of the organization. You can do this by going to their website. This will ensure that when you present documents that meet their requirements, they won't discover anything wrong with them, and this initial success will substantially help you reach your goal.

Now you possess it. The video and article up top merely served to demonstrate the contemporary standardization process that the majority of agencies today employ. This innovative approach allows you to achieve your goal of working in a factory in Canada even though the world's health is not at its best right now.

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