How To Get Different Loans From GT Bank


Obtain what you require when you require it.

GT personal loans give you the appropriate funding for your individual needs while providing you with the security you want.

Choose from a variety of uncomplicated loan solutions from Guaranteed Trust Bank for your personal needs and the projects that are important to you. The possible loans from GT Bank are shown below:

Salary Increase

Receive an advance of up to 50% of your net monthly salary. Employees of private businesses and governmental organizations who have active* salary accounts with GTBank are eligible.

What do you stand to gain?

Up to 50% of the net monthly compensation may be paid upfront.

30 day duration. Monthly renewal.

No security is needed.

N 25,000 as the minimum wage for public sector workers and N 50,000 for private sector workers.

Within 24 hours, the salary advance will be made available.

How to Request a Pay Advance

To apply, just sign in to Internet Banking by dialing *737*8*2#.

Visit any nearby GTBank location or ATM.

in advance of tuition

School Fees Advance is a lending product created to help you pay for your child's or ward's tuition at schools and institutions in Nigeria alone. Staff employees of respected governmental and commercial organizations whose wages are lodged with the Bank are eligible for this facility.

What does it provide you?

Advance on school fees of up to N5 million. Four months maximum duration per request.

Interest rate is very competitive. Principal and interest payments made in equal amounts each month.

Quick access to money to pay your child's or ward's school fees on time.

How to Request an Advance on School Fees

Submit the Employer Undertaking Form and the completed Application Form.

Send me a bill for my school fees and credit insurance.

Make sure the terminal benefit for employees is domiciled in GTBank or acquire a corporate guarantee.

Fast Credit

As a salary earner, you can now promptly obtain the money you need and repay it over a period of up to 12 months. You can get money from Quick Credit for up to N5 million at a monthly interest rate of 2.0%.

Zero hidden fees.

The Benefits to You

Get up to three times what you make each month.

convenient 12-month repayment schedule.

Pre-liquidation is permitted without consequence.

A monthly interest rate of 2.0%

How to Use it

When you phone *737*51*51#, QuickCredit can be requested immediately.

Additionally, QuickCredit is accessible through all GTBank online and mobile banking services (Internet Banking, GTWorld and GTBank Mobile App)


MaxAdvance is made to help employees of specific corporate and governmental entities who have staff payroll accounts with us get personal loans.


Cost of the Facility: N100,001 to N10,000,000

Duration: 3 to 48 months

Equal monthly payments of principle and interest are due for repayment. Maximum monthly payback is 33.3% of the net monthly income.

Support/Comfort: Credit Insurance, Salary Domiciliation, Staff Terminal Benefit Domiciliation, or Corporate Guarantee Benefits

An all-purpose loan with a suitable payback schedule for you to satisfy your financial demands.


With a simple payback schedule, MaxPlus gives you a bigger lending limit and more flexibility to suit your financial demands. available to platinum customers with Bank-domiciled salary accounts. Applying terms and conditions

What do you stand to gain?

Obtain a loan of N6 million to N50 million.

up to a 60-month term. Repayment cannot be more than half of the net monthly salary.

equal monthly principle and interest payments

No security is needed.

What will you need?

Application for MaxPlus

Employee Engagement Form

Scheme for Computer Acquisition

For the purpose of financing the purchase of mobile devices that will be paid for throughout the service year, the Computer Acquisition Scheme provides a facility (time loan) to currently serving Corps members whose allowance accounts are domiciled with the Bank.


In order to enable clients to acquire a property in a few specific towns around the nation, GTMortgage offers loan facilities to those whose wages or company revenues are domiciled with the Bank.

Premium Forward

Premium Advance is a revolving overdraft facility added to your Debit Naira MasterCard. It is always available when you need money the most.

Travel before

If you need a break, take one.

19 Travel Advance

A time loan called a "Travel Advance" was created to help our customers who have salary accounts with the Bank with their travel expenses.

You can use Travel Advance for:

Booking an airline ticket

Transport to and from the airport

Events and Tours

Financing for Auto Insurance Premiums

Vehicle Insurance Premium Financing is a time loan that allows businesses and salaried owners (whose accounts are domiciled with the bank) to prepay their auto insurance premium and spread out the payback over a year.


Individuals are eligible for loans between N20,000 and N1,000,000 and N20,000 to N5,000,000 (Corporate)

Tenor: maximally one year

Pricing: The monthly interest rate is 1.67%.

Repayment: Equal monthly principle and interest payments

Contribution to Equity: 20% of the overall cost of insurance premiums

Fees: A one-time fixed fee of 1%

What do you stand to gain?

Money is immediately available to pay the insurance premium.

Possibility of making monthly insurance premium payments

Insurance coverage absent a trip to the insurance agency

Those Eligible

Individual clients with bank-domiciled salary accounts; all SME and corporate clients with bank-domiciled accounts and access to GAPs

How to Use

1. You can use Internet Banking or GAPS to submit an application for Vehicle Insurance Premium Financing.

2. Loan is obtained right away

3. Within 48 hours, the insurance service provider processes the customer's policy.

4. The customer's email address receives a copy of the insurance certificate.

5. The borrower pays back the loan on a monthly basis.

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