Requirements and Application Process for UBA Loans


Look no farther than a UBA loan if you want a loan with a flexible payment schedule, longer credit tenure, and less equity.

You can use a UBA Loan to meet your urgent financial demands for personal loans or asset financing. Through asset financing, you can also take advantage of the loan opportunity to grow your company.

 UBA Loan

Why go with a UBA Loan?

UBA Loans have been designed to satisfy your needs. Some general advantages include:

  • There are several loans available for various purposes.
  • affordable interest rates.
  • convenient and adaptable arrangements for repayment.
  • fast credit from loanspot

What services are provided by UBA Loans?

Employees of respectable private and public organizations can use a personal overdraft as a short-term lending alternative. It has a 3 million dollar ceiling and permits you to overdraw your current account by six months. You pay back the money you borrowed plus 5% interest once every 30 days when your salary is paid. Executive personal overdrafts and revolving personal overdrafts are two further categories.


An executive personal overdraft requires a minimum annual income after taxes of N5 million, while a revolving personal overdraft requires N2.5 million.

Your salary must be paid into your UBA account, which you must have had for at least three months.

Documentation needed for the loan application.

Asset Finance: With the help of this lending program, you can buy assets that you cannot instantly finance.


You must work for a recognized business in the public or private sector.

Your salary must have been paid by them through UBA for at least a month.

Required documentation

Forms for both an invoice and a loan application.

Personal Loan

 Personal loans give you extra money to swiftly cover unexpected expenses or sporadic necessities like paying for groceries or fixing your car.


Each and every person having a UBA account is eligible for this loan.

Required documentation

An Application for the loan

Syndicated Loans:

This business, as the name suggests, lends money to trustworthy enterprises' cooperative societies. It requires a N2,000 opening and operating balance as a minimum.


available only to associations of trustworthy businesses.

Required documentation

Executives of the cooperatives sign a letter addressed to the manager of your company. The desired loan's amount and term should be specified in this letter.

As required by the bank, this letter must be submitted with additional supporting documentation.

Cash-Securized Loan:

You can now obtain credit in Naira, Pounds, Dollars, and Euros. Your cash deposits, investments, and their equivalents with UBA or other financial institutions that UBA accepts help achieve this.


You must have money deposited with UBA in cash or investments and their equivalents.

Your salary for the previous three months must have been paid by UBA.

advertising or chatting about consumer credit goods with coworkers.

Required documentation

Application for a consumer loan from UBA.

Your name is on a letter of lien, a set-off, or a deposit hypothecation agreement.

confirmation letter for the collateral

original savings passbook or certificate of deposit

Charge memo for the investment or cash deposit.

Make sure that every document contains a rollover directive when it's required.

You would require the additional paperwork listed below if the monetary deposit was pledged but was not made in your name:

  • Form of guarantee.
  • Total domicile of the proceeds.
  • If the investment or deposit being pledged is under a liability limited company or association's name, you would require:
  • Your declaration or charter the association's bylaws.
  • a signed board resolution of the organization approving the deposit of cash to the bank on another party's behalf

How can I submit a UBA Loan application?

visit on their official website. You can get a copy of the particular loan application form you're interested in from the website.

As instructed on the website, complete the form and any other necessary documents.

Send your submission to the branch's customer service representative.

If you are unable to download it, you can alternatively acquire the loan form from the customer care representative.

What conditions apply to UBA Loans?

Depending on the loan type, there may be a UBA loan requirement. In the section above under "What service do UBA Loans offer," they list each lending service along with the associated conditions. The loan application and other paperwork needed for each loan are available online or at any branch.


UBA provides loan services to meet your short-term and long-term financial demands. You can readily access their loan applications online from the convenience of your home. Take out a UBA loan to help you today if you match the requirements.

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