The H-1B visa is your ticket to remaining and working in the US after you graduate, and it is a highly sought-after path for international students to post-graduate employment.

An H-1B visa allows you to remain in the US for a maximum of three years; after that, it can be renewed for an additional three years.

You must be sponsored by an employer who will file a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on your behalf in order to get an H-1B visa.

Tech corporations and consulting firms dominate the list of top employers for H-1B visas, indicating a change in the labor market. Every year, more and more MBAs are hired by tech companies.

Based on visas awarded in 2020, the following are the top 15 organizations that sponsor H-1B visas:

15. Visas for Intel 743 are granted

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger wants the business to reclaim its throne and make the best semiconductor chips in the world within the next four years.

The business will need to hire the top personnel available for that to happen. This could result in more employers sponsoring H-1B visas in the upcoming years as well as the employment of top leadership talent. Good news for MBA graduates from abroad.

14. Visas for Apple 748 approved

One of the largest tech companies in the world, Apple has a market valuation of more than $1 trillion. Top talent is required to reach such heights.

Expect a rise in the amount of H-1B visa petitions in the upcoming years as IT companies go on an MBA hiring spree. Graduates from prestigious institutions including the Duke Fuqua, Harvard Business School, and NYU Stern are frequently hired by Apple.

13. 861 visas for Tech Mahindra were granted

Tech Mahindra, a multinational technology corporation based in India, has locations all across the US. The company offers outsourcing services for business processing and information technology, and it is one of the leading employers of international MBA talent for H-1B visas.

According to the company's LinkedIn profile, it focuses on utilizing cutting-edge technologies like 5G, blockchain, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence, making it ideal for tech-savvy MBA graduates wishing to work in the industry.

12. 1,003 visas for Wipro Limited were granted

Another multinational Indian company, Wipro Limited, is searching for international MBA talent in the US. It is a multinational provider of consulting, outsourcing, and information technology services.

Additionally, it is among LinkedIn's list of the top places to work in 2021 for career growth, with amenities like a competitive salary, flexible scheduling, and stock options.

11. Accenture 1,140 approved visas

The top three industries luring MBA talent each year include consulting. Accenture is a wonderful place to continue honing your talents after earning your MBA because it has a broad range of focus areas, including customer experience, sustainability, automation, supply chain management, tech innovation, and data and analytics.

Additionally, the company has a focused internal training program, so there is always the opportunity to learn. Over 24,000 online courses are offered by 91 internationally networked classrooms.

10. Facebook 1,184 approved visas

Facebook is the second significant IT company on this list to hire MBAs from abroad. Since 2017, the company's headcount has more than doubled.

There are many prospects for MBA talent in the company because it is always introducing new product lines, such as Reels to Instagram, a newsletter to compete with Substack, and virtual reality (VR) headsets.

9. 1,284 IBM visas were granted

Recent purchase announcements demonstrate IBM's commitment to growing its expertise in cloud strategy and consulting for hybrid clouds, as well as in container strategy and implementation services.

Additionally, it places a strong emphasis on design and business strategy, tech support, and talent management. As a result, the company offers opportunities for international MBA talent across a variety of business areas.

8. 1,303 visas were approved by HCL America

HCL provides computer programming services that are perfect for MBA graduates looking to advance or change their career paths into cutting-edge technology.

The automobile industry, aerospace and defense, media and entertainment, healthcare, and capital markets are just a few of the sectors it operates in.

In 2020, the company's initial 1,303 H-1B visa petitions were accepted.

7. Capgemini received 1,413 approved visas

Capgemini is in the midst of a growth phase, and the company has had a successful year thus far in 2021. The business is another in the field of consulting for digital solutions and places a strong emphasis on advisory, tech, and engineering services.

6. Google grants 1,682 visas

Since current CEO Sundar Pichai assumed control of Google in 2015, the stock price of Alphabet, the corporation that houses Google, has soared.

The company is a favored choice for foreign MBA graduates who want to obtain H-1B visas after business school. With 1,682 first approvals in 2020, Google is likely to support H-1B visas for international talent. As the business carries on, anticipate this figure to rise.

5. Microsoft received 1,790 visas.

Only its leadership development program, Microsoft Aspire Experience, hires 200 MBA grads each year.

You will socialize with your international cohort throughout the course of the next two years, meet mentors in leadership roles, and collaborate across teams to create the company's future direction.

It's hardly surprising that Microsoft ranks among the top employers who sponsor H-1B visas considering the abundance of leadership jobs open for top talent within the company.

4. Cognizant Technology Solutions received approval for 2,000 US visas

You've probably noticed by now that technology is a common theme among the top employers who sponsor H-1B visas. Another business consulting, IT, and outsourcing firm, Cognizant, is positioned just outside of the top three.

3. Tata Consultancy Services approved 2,409 visas.

Tata Consultancy Services opens the top three organizations that sponsor H-1B visas.

The Indian multinational company has a strong emphasis on providing services in the areas of consultancy, payment processing, software management, and technological education.

Tata is unquestionably a company worth considering if you're an overseas MBA graduate wishing to stay in the US after business school.

2. 3,512 Infosys visas were approved

In terms of consulting and next-generation digital services, Infosys is a pioneer. Despite having its headquarters in Bangalore, India, the company is a top employer of foreign MBA talent in the US.

International graduates who desire to work at the nexus of current and future technological developments should focus on Infosys' H-1B visa sponsorship program. In 2020, the company's bids for more than 3,500 H-1B visas were first accepted.

1. Amazon received 4,774 visas.

Every year, Amazon hires a large number of MBA grads, so it's no surprise that the company ranks first among employers who sponsor H-1B visas.

Given that Amazon intends to hire more than 1,000 MBAs in 2021, H-1B visa sponsorship is also anticipated to rise at the corporation in the years to come. Graduates of international MBA programs can find employment at Amazon in a variety of fields, including retail, finance, and product and program management.

Tech businesses are an excellent spot for international MBA graduates to look for post-business school opportunities, it is undeniable. There are definite advantages to focusing on the top employers who sponsor H-1B visas, even though the lottery for H-1B visas does not ensure that everyone who applies will be allowed to remain in the US.

A fantastic time to be an international MBA graduate in the US is right now because the prohibition imposed by the Trump administration has expired.

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