See Countries That Mark Zuckerberg launched Paid Subscription For Instagram

Meta Verified is a paid Instagram subscription that Mark Zuckerberg launched. The price of Meta Verified is $11.99 for online users and $14.99 for iOS users. Australia and New Zealand will get it going next week, and more nations will follow soon.

Meta Verified, a new paid subscription program that Mark Zuckerberg unveiled, will grant verified badges to paying users.

The head of Meta claimed that Instagram users might pay a monthly subscription to receive a blue verification badge, additional security against accounts impersonating them, and improved exposure.

"Happy morning! The launch of Meta Verified, a subscription service that allows you to verify your account with a government ID, obtain a blue badge, receive additional impersonation protection against accounts claiming to be you, and gain direct access to customer support, has been announced as a new product this week "Zuckerberg published.

Said him: "Increasing authenticity and security across all of our services is the goal of this new functionality. On the web or on iOS, Meta Verified begins at $11.99 a month. This week, we'll start rolling out in Australia and New Zealand, and shortly in other nations."

The business assured Insider that subscribers to Meta Verified will also benefit from "enhanced visibility and reach" in search and recommendation-related contexts. According to the company, Meta will use a user's government ID to confirm ownership of an account.

After social media expert Matt Navarra tweeted about a post on Instagram's help center page on Sunday that appeared to hint the new feature would be released shortly, the company made its formal announcement. Insider saw the post before it was deleted.

According to a post on the support website, subscribers could earn special stickers for Instagram stories. However, it stated that customers who purchased Meta Verified would not also have it applied to their Facebook account. Users needed to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for a Meta Verified subscription, according to the eligibility help center page, which has also been removed.

Navara advised Insider that Meta should take into account a premium verification plan. The benefits mostly already exist and don't require much engineering time to put together for this new product. It also generates a new revenue stream at a time when the majority of businesses are dealing with difficult economic headwinds.

Navarra, a consultant to the UK government, continued: "For social media businesses, the addition of Twitter Blue and Snapchat+ has created a new source of income. Yet making verification available as a paid-for bonus open to anyone soon removes a lot of its value and function."

For the second time since Elon Musk took over the firm, Twitter unveiled its premium subscription, Twitter Blue, in December.

The launch of the service, which lets users pay for verification, prompted criticism and was briefly halted in November when some users purchased it so they could pretend to be accounts belonging to businesses and politicians.

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