He needs that eighth position

 So badly, even if Ferrari did manage to stay in second place and were the closest to Red Bull.

He hasn't signed his contract yet, according to him. He is undoubtedly anticipating learning how this year's automobile feels.

Although I don't believe you can ever rule out a move to Ferrari for racing drivers because it's their ambition and he's expressed it before, I believe the strong relationship with the team and Toto will stay.

Naomi Schiff, a fellow Sky pundit, predicts that Hamilton won't quit Mercedes but that if he does decide to go, Ferrari might be his next stop.

She remarked, "I don't think Lewis is going to leave Mercedes, but I think he would be more likely to go to Ferrari.

He is a great team player. He may have added that he wants to join the team and leave his mark there, much like Niki Lauda did. After spending so many years with the squad, I don't imagine him quitting at the last minute...READ MORE or GO BACK

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