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How To Run Profitable Ads On Facebook And Instagram To Get 500% Turn Over

The internet is a fair ground for building wealth, you don't need a certificate, neither do you need privileges (like knowing someone at the top, connection and all of that)

All you ned is :πŸ‘‡


✅ Access to the *INTERNET*


 And that *information* is your reason of being here.

 The difference between those who are making massive sales online and people that are not is *information*

*Pay attention*

Basically their are four steps to turn  *STRANGERS* into  *BUYERS*

This four steps will make strangers begging you to take their money and you giving them your product

And anyone who understands this sales funnel, I don't care be it a primary or secondary school student, he/she will command outstanding result

This what the sales funnel looks likeπŸ‘‡

 *See,* You can run ad, 

get *potential customers.* 

But if this channel aren't in place all you get, is i will get back to you

From the diagram above. The foundation to making sales is


And what's the meaning of leads:

Leads means potential customers that could buy your products

I know the question going through your mind now is 


Basically their are two ways to go about this leads Generation.

Which are



 1. Organic traffic is when you begin to invade people's privacy to advertise your product , 

like they have been doing to so many of you.

But this doesn't yield positive results.

Its just child play

2. Organic is when you begin to post in group to advertise your product. But, 

Note: Organic is not predictable.


Few years ago, posting in facebook groups was highly effective, but when facebook noticed that a lot of people were using it to make money, they decided to restrict the reach. 

These days you can post in a group of 500k people and nobody will see it.

Facebook did this because, they wanted to maximize profits and they won't make any money directly from those groups. They can only make money from ads.

So they have structured the system in such a way that, the only way you can get the best results is through ads. Because if you don't run ads, they won't make money.

The platform for paid traffic are listed below




But we are going to be taking about is *FACEBOOK  and INSTAGRAM ADS*

*What is this facebook ads you may ask?*

Facebook ads, is a method of paying facebook and Instagram to showcase your business, skill or content to the millions of people using the Facebook app, especially those that will be interested and buy from you.

Also note that there are different ways by which you can advertise your products,

Eg: Radio, television, billboards, flyers, Whatsaap status, Facebook stories, Facebook groups etc.

But in all these, Facebook and Instagram sponsored adverts has proven overtime to be the best and easiest.

*Why Facebook and Instagram ads?*

Here are some reasons,

(1) Radio, too many people don't listen to radio stations anymore, (example me) so no need to advertise there.

(2) Television, still not everyone has time to watch TVs now, because the news first breaks on the internet before news medias will carry in in the evening or the next day.

(3) Whatsaap status, you only have the contacts of your family and friends, and I bet, those set of people won't buy from you, if they do, once in a blue moon 🀦‍♂️

(4) Normal Facebook posts, stories and groups, only your facebook friends and those in those groups will see it 

*WHATSAPP TV* You end up advertising to your fellow marketers. And same set of people everyday 

*But Facebook and Instagram sponsored ads (oil wellπŸ”₯)*

Everyone now is on Facebook and instagram

Facebook will take time and show your products, skills, content to the right people that needs and they will definitely buy from you.

Haven't you observed that most of other advertising personnel on other platforms platform

Such as 

Tik tok

Google ads

WhatsApp marketing

Still come to advertise themselves on Facebook πŸ₯±

Facebook has over 5billion users in the world today

Instagram has over 1billion users in the world today

In Nigeria alone, Facebook has over 36million users and Instagram has over 10.14million users

So all this people are your potential customers if you know how to advertise on Facebook

See, that particular thing that you sell, that service that you render, there are millions of people that needs it.

But those people are not on your WhatsApp list because your Whatsaap list is limited to the numbers you have and people you know.

Even if you have them on Facebook as friends, it maybe only 2 or 3 of them you have as Facebook friends

And they can't be buying from you everyday, they will buy once in a while just to patronize you out of pity

 This where sponsored adverts comes in.

Brothers and sisters, sponsored adverts, I call it (the game changer)

It will now push your products and put it in front of those that wants it, and they will in turn buy from you and you make your profit 😁

Have you wondered, despite how popular Coca cola is, Pepsi, Dangote, Tesla, Pwan, GText homes, Tecno, Samsung, Iphone etc.

And all the big companies in the world the still do adverts.

Now tell me why you won't advertise your product, you that is not even upto these companies listed above.

 Let me assume it's because you don't know how to run sponsored adverts, so I will excuse you for that. 

Facebook is also now known as Meta, look below and see them running advert of one of their features they just launched πŸ‘‡

Whenever you see a post written sponsored like this πŸ‘†, thats an advert from someone

Wait, before you rush off to give Facebook your money…hold on

There’s more to it.

There are certain things you must know. 

*Because, while it’s possible to make a ton of money in your business using Facebook Ads,*…

*It is also very possible to set your money on fire using Facebook Ad*.

That’s why you MUST understand how it works, before you rush off to run Ads.

 Section 2

⇛ *3 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Convert*.


We are now moving on to the second chapter of this class which is


*Why 80% of people fail at Facebook Advertising and how you can avoid these mistakes*

Or even 5

When I first started learning Facebook advertising, I felt like it was going to be a quick process..


Like, I had the belief at first that I didn't need anyone to coach me at all.. I mean, I used to carry first in secondary school nau, so I know I'm smart..


I was so convinced that I was an expert after I watched a few videos on youtube  that i funded my ad account with all I had; because I wanted to start getting more sales for my products  immediately, at that time.

 I funded about 2k back then. From my own planning, I wanted to make at least 20k back from the 2k in revenue..


I ran the ad and after Facebook took my 2k, I didn't get one single customer... NOT ONE!!


All i got were likes and comments but no single sale 


You know why? I'll tell you now because it's our first mistake here..

*First mistake 80% of beginner Advertisers make is trying to solve everything on their own*


It's fine if you want to go through the hurdles yourself. If you feel very confident you can spend all the money you have and learn from your mistakes..


But if you want speed and you want to save cost, you'll need a mentor or at least someone to show you how to PROPERLY do it..


Someone you can refer back to and ask questions. I'm saying this because I lost a lot more than I made when I tried dabbling into the advertising space myself...

And get restricted over and over

I spent over 2k running ads with no sales, i had already given up on running ads 


Thats until a friend showed me how he made 90,000 in a week from spending 5,000 on ads 


That's when i realized that i needed someone to guide me through 


You see the difference in expertise?

If you want to grow and grow fast, get a mentor..


Most beginners don't know what objective to use or exactly how to share your ad budgets for maximum results.


Sometimes beginners don't know how to properly target or do proper market research...

 1. . *Choosing the wrong Ad objective*..


Facebook shows you different objectives to choose from, when you want to run Ads.

Objectives like; Website visits, Traffic, Lead Generation, Conversion, engagement, video views, etc


One of the biggest mistakes you can make with Facebook ads is choosing an objective that doesn’t match with the results you want to achieve. 

This sets you up for failure right from the start.

 *Here’s what happens when you choose an objective*.

The objective you select gives information to Facebook about your Ad goals, and what action you want people to take after they’ve seen your ad.

Read that again. 

Based on this information, the algorithm will show your ads to the people in your target audience who are most likely to take that *particular action*

For example; If you choose the Traffic objective, Facebook will prioritize showing your ads to the people in your *target audience who love to click links*.

 This is why someone will want to sell something and will click on boost post without selecting the rightful option 

They will be hoping to make lots of sales 


But usually what will happen is they will get likes and clicks only but no sale 


This was exactly what i did when i  ran my first ad 


And I’m sure alot of us here have experienced this too

Let me explain why this happens 


Boost post is under engagement objective 


When you choose this objective, you are telling facebook that you want people to engage with your ad 


Meaning you want people to like you Ad, comment on the Ad, and click on the Ad but you are not looking to sell anything 

Boost post is good for comedy videos for example 

These kinds of videos are not selling anything, they just want people to see it, like it and share it

Sometimes 1,777 people will like your Ad but only 1 person will buy; this is the case of using the wrong objective.

If you get your objective wrong, it’s the beginning of frustration.

*2.. Your Ad copy:*


Your Ad copy is one of the most important elements of your Ad. When I say Ad copy, I mean the words you write for your Ad.

Most people write copy that are so boring that people won’t even bother sparing a minute for you and your Ads.


Most “gurus” won’t tell you this, but if your Ad copy is bad— your Facebook Ads will NOT be profitable.

If an Ad is not converting, the first thing I check is the Ad copy…

Because, if people don’t read your Ad, they won't know what you're selling…Let alone buy.

So it’s very important to know how to write a good Ad copy, else you end up wasting your money.

 Are we following?

 *3.. Selling directly in your Ads:*


You know, before people give you their money; they have to know, like and trust you. Especially if you’re selling a high-ticket offer.


High ticket offers are products/services from 50k and above.

Yes, I said 50K because the economy is not smiling.

Therefore it’s advisable to move people from Facebook Ads to somewhere where you can build trust, before you sell.

 Here’s why 


The job of every ad is to sell the clicks and not the product 


This means your ad is mostly to get the person seeing the to want to click the ad 


Its after they have clicked the ad that you try to sell to them 


This can be by using a sales page or messaging them on WhatsApp or messenger 


But trying to sell to them on the ad is a bad idea cos they don’t have all the necessary information they need to make the right decision

So most time you will end up scaring away people with the price 


But when you get them to click and you can have a one-on-one conversation with them, you can show them all the reasons why they should buy the product or service 


This makes it easier for your customers to buy from you 


So don’t put the price of the product on your ad and try to sell them directly on your ad 


Remember the job of the ad is just to sell the clicks not the product 


Its the job of your sales page or sales process to convince them to buy the product.

 *4th reason why your ads is not converting, WRONG TARGETING VERY CRUCIAL*


Targeting also includes


 avoid selecting from age 18, as this set of people are not financially buoyant to buy you product.

They will chat u up, but won't convert to sales


avoid selecting all gender if your product isn't meant for all. Be specific 


Excludes states that you can't deliver to, or that you know that they can't buy from you

 *The question now is how to run*

*facebook ads and run it* *profitably?*

Not every one can run facebook ads profitably. 

In fact most people can't.

A lot of people just dive in without proper research into how this platform works.

*So they end up getting high cost per lead*

Now you can choose to do the research yourself which is good.

The only issue with that is it's time consuming..

But if you want to save time, you ride on the wings of people who knows it better

 There's a lot of misleading ideas out there and you probably will get tired of searching before you get to the accurate ones.

Rather than wearing yourself out in the name of making research , 

you can just ride on the wings of a mentor

Someone who has failed multiple times to know which one work *BEST*

Someone who will save you the time, stress and prevent you from making mistakes he has made in time past.

So as to grant you *SPEED* to bring your business to *LIMELIGHT TO THE RIGHTFUL AUDIENCE*

**Facebook and Instagram ads ads work.*

It is your best chance at speeding up the rate at which sales come in.

Now it is very crucial to know that their are certain aspect of facebook which are not theoretical and cannot be dished out via whatsapp 

Just like a medical student , no matter how much is been taught in class, you still need to go to the hospital to see how things are been done


This course is a product of  years of research and  multiple failures i have encountered along the way. 

This course will help you avoid the same mistakes i made while starting out.


 I call it *facebook  and Instagram leads generation blueprint* 


If you have been looking for a way to reach more customers  online, especially on Facebook and Instagram. 

Or resolve issues on Facebook ads

then this program is for you.

In this course, you will learn the following: 

✅How to put your products in front of thousands of people on a daily basis using facebook ads. (targeting) 

✅How to run ads on instagram and make sales without an instagram account. 

✅How to generate massive sales on instagram even without having many followers. 

✅How to create and monitor a facebook and instagram ad using your Smart Phone. 

✅How to create a facebook page for your business for free. 

✅How to create a facebook ad without a website. 

✅The perfect app you can use to run Facebook and Instagram ads.

 ✅How to prevent facebook from deactivating your advert account. 

✅How to craft ads that will capture the attention of your prospective customer. 

✅How to run your ads like a professional. 

✅Solving Facebook payment issue

Here is a summary of what I'm offering you when you pay  for the *FACEBOOK ADS SALES GENERATION BLUEPRINT*

*1)A set of prerecorded videos that will teach you how to run facebook and instagram ads yourself.*

*2)A FREE Video on How To Get Your Account back if facebook has deactivated your account. (Worth N2,000)*

*3 solution to Facebook payment issue* (card declined) 

*4)Another Video tutorial on How To Send Your Potential Customers To Your WhatsApp Using Facebook Ads. (Worth N3,000)*

*5)A step by step Video on how to design beautiful and clear graphics for your business. (Worth N2,000)*

*6 *Proper Way Of Targeting* 

*7* *How To Design A Website For Free*


*All for N1, 500*

To make payment, send N1,500 into this account 

Account Number:1216397959. 


Bank Name;  ZENITH BANK. 

If you are in Nigeria  send evidence of payment to this WhatsApp number +2347060709963 but for those outside Nigeria, send us a WhatsApp message so you can get  our paypal link. It cost just 10 dollars.

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