Earn $199+ an Article By Writing For The Following 3 Websites

Since two years ago, I've been a writerpreneur. Finding chances that pay well while pursuing your passion is really valuable, as I am aware of.

There has never been a better moment to make money from your passion for writing. There are numerous ways for writers to earn money in 2023, including —

Ghostwriting for freelance clients or writing for pay-per-view services like Medium, Vocal Media, and NewsBreak

composing articles for websites that charge a set rate for each, etc.

We'll discuss the third choice in this article. We'll discuss the third choice in this article.

Here are three websites that offer a great chance to use your writing skills to make a respectable living. Let's investigate the options for earning $200 US per article.

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1. Buzzfeed

Because to its click-worthy spicy content, BuzzFeed is a well-known brand in the internet sphere.

Currently, this site is looking for content in a variety of genres, including

Daily trending headlines about LGBTQ+, as well as pieces about travel, K-pop, health, and beauty.

BuzzFeed might be the ideal venue for you if you have a knack for writing in any of these fields.

On BuzzFeed, listicles get paid a set sum of $200.

BuzzFeed might be a great venue if you're confident in your ability to write interesting listicles with the potential to go viral. You can demonstrate your abilities while earning money.

2. Dame

If writing is something you're passionate about,

If you're interested in relationships, sexual health, culture, and more, Dame might be the ideal venue for you. The purpose of the website Dame is to use its content to advance feminism and sexual wellbeing. They are now looking for articles that meet these topics and are SEO-friendly.

Dame currently doesn't have any set requirements for authors. By reading through their previously published work, you can get a sense of what they're searching for. You will learn more about their preferred writing approach and the kinds of articles they typically publish.

Between 800 and 1200 words

$200 flat charge per item for payment.

Start your application process right away if you want to write for Dame and are passionate about advancing feminism and sexual wellbeing.

3. Apartment Therapy.

The focus of Apartment Therapy is everything housing-related. They are now looking for articles on a variety of subjects, including

home decor, cleaning, organizing, and innovative tasks that have produced excellent outcomes.

Each piece is worth between $175 and $200.

It's important to keep in mind that Apartment Therapy is now accepting more articles written in the style of personal essays that include images and evidence that the advice you've provided is effective.

Remarks on pitching

Here's what you need to know about the pitching procedure if the submission requirements specify that you simply need to submit a pitch rather than the entire article.

Five components make for an effective pitch:

  • a succinct summary of your content
  • Structure you've proposed for your article
  • X element: What distinguishes your concept?
  • Photos that are relevant and show that you have used the advice you provided in the post.

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