Difference Between UK, Britain, Great Britain,And England

The terms England, United Kingdom, Britain, and Great Britain are frequently used interchangeably. Okay, so here's how to know the difference:

England is a nation, just like Nigeria, and London is its capital, just like Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. 

The three nations that make up "Great Britain" have united to form a single nation with London as its capital. These 3 nations are: 

England, Scotland, and Wales 

These three nations become the United Kingdom (union of four nations) when Northern Ireland is added, i.e., England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. 

It is called the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" for this reason. 

The four nations are considered as a single entity. And London serves as its capital in this scenario. 

But keep in mind that each of these four separate countries has a unique capital. 

the capital of
Scotland is *Edinburgh*,
Capital of Wales is *Cardiff , capita of Northern Ireland is *Belfast*;While England is *London*

 Don't confuse Northern Ireland with the *Republic of Ireland*. The latter is a distinct nation. Dublin serves as its capital.

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